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Dave Hepburn, MD and Rob Sealey MD, on their cross Canada weekly radio program WISE QUACKS -  click to go to their  website WiseQuacks.ORG

Medical Doctors Using Humor on Cross Country Live Call-In Radio Programs To Promote Public Health Awareness:  see web site

Physiotherapy Clinics - photo collage of 2 physios demonstrating work on arms and upper back stretch manipulations - Victoria Physiotherapists Crhis M. & Fareley V. work lot with sports injuries n

Photo above is of Chris May, B.Sc.Kinesiology, B.Sc. Physiotherapy (UBC), Chris is also certified to provide acupuncture from western medical clinic). and Faraley Vander Schilden. B.Sc.PT , Masters of Science in Physiotherapy (s/a

Eye testing equipment used by optometrists and opthamologists  range from current digizted images of eye ball to more traditional glass lens changing  and eye chart on walll  equipment - this is courtesy of Dr. John Poon, Harborshid Optometry Clinic in Victoria and photos by Neal Chan

Optometry Clinic's Diagnostic Equipment in 2009

The above images are from Dr. John Poon, optometrist operating

Purely Optometry
Family Eye & Vision Care
New Patients & Walk-ins Welcome

#105 - 1964 Fort St.
Victoria, B.C. Canada
Tel:  250-590-7499
Web site:
downtown eye clinic operated by Dr. John Poon, O.D. and other graduates of the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry
See the School of Optometry Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario public eye testing and dispensing clinics

Dr. John Poon, O.D.
精 通 國 ` 粵 ` 英 語 潘 振 富 眼 科 醫 生

see also the archives of Doctor`s Humor Articles from Dave Hepburn M.D. and Rob Sealey M.D.

List of useful reknown medical information web sites
In memory of Dr. Jorge DeSantos & Mrs. Edita Orosa

  • The Mayo Clinic

  • CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Your Online Source for Credible Health Information

Children's characters CLARA with her yound friend CLARENCE BEAR at Doctor's office getting H1N1 aka Swine Flu Shot

Above are, Clara and Clarence Bear, children's characters promote flu vaccinations for very young children.  This graphic comes from all the world wide media news and emotions around the current Pandemic Flu called the H1N1 flu or "Swine Flu" From October - November 2009.  See also for more from San Francisco children's illustrator Cat Wong.

Suggested Reading for Patients & Families

Choosing Your Doctor:  20 Critical Checkpoints

Author:  George D. LeMaitre, MD, FACS
Paperback: 159 pages
Publisher: Infinity Publishing, USA (June 6, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0741445522     ISBN-13: 978-0741445520


 · Forward:  STOP!!  Check your doctor carefully - Very Carefully!

  1. The Evolution of Health Care  "you must remember this..."
  2. You Get What You Pay For  "the buck stops...where?"
  3. What is a Primary or Personal Physician?  "the buck"
  4. How Not to Choose a Doctor  "pay no attention to the man behind the screen"
  5. How to Begin Your Search  "can you hear the smile in her voice?"
  6. Can You Rely on a Doctor's Reputation?  "round up the usual suspects"
  7. The Most Important Sign of a Good Doctor  "look before you keep"
  8. Time Out for Some Objections  "caring and curing"
  9. Finding a Doctor in a New Community  "once upon a tim"
  10. A Good Doctor Works Hard  "pulling a rabbit out of a hat"
  11. The Word "Doctor" Means Teacher  "I have a question teacher"
  12. Thirteen "Diseases" That Can Kill You  "an undertaker's dozen"
  13. The Doctor as a Responsible Professional  "is there a REAL doctor in the house?"
  14. Let's Talk Money  "pulse vs. purse"
  15. How to Avoid Surgery or at Least Live With It & quot;does your dog bite?"
  16. The Doctor as a Confidant  "too hot to handle"
  17. What You Should Know About Drugs  "more than a grain of salt"
  18. How to Get the Most from a Visit to Your Doctor  "like herding cats"
  19. Underdoctoring and Overdoctoring  "disease vs dis-ease"
  20. Epilogue. Dehumanism: The Core of Our Discontent  "patients are people"

For more details on the book as well as excerpts go to Dr. LeMaitre's web site

You can order this book from

Dentist Norberto Li, DDS at work in his downtown San Francisco, California General Dentistry Clinic-office - brings 30 years experience to his pattients - CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION Hong Kong's Wireless Cartoon Cat ANJOLICO fencourages children to wash their hands more often as a health promotion activity

Anjolico the Wireless Cat, above promoting hand washing for children as a basic health habit

The animated graphic of cartoon cat Anjolico is the creation of Tony Yau, in Hong Kong, China who has also been a successful business graphic's designer and creative director in Vancouver Canada and Hong Kong China, see some of his work also at Hong Kong

Anjolico the Wireless Cartoon cat, says "Thank you to University of California Irvine, Health Centre, USA, for using me and Tony's graphics in helping you promote more ergonomic work stations in your hospital and medical clinic administrative areas."
One version of the illustration you used is below to the left, titled Anjolico - Work Station Safety

For other UCI Health Education Center Information at - see also

East Meets West - Complimentary Alternative Medicine - RX - Herbs Etc
Photo of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Store  in Vancouver's Metrotown shooping megamall showing prepared herbs from roots, bark, shells, etc.


Norberto Li, DDS
Dentist & Photographer

Photo of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge  taken by Norberto Li, dentisit with hotair balloon children's illustration of Clara and Clarence Bear characters

Anjolico the wireless cartoon cat demonstrates WORK STATION SAFETY  with a  person seated at right hieight and distance from his computer screen and his arms and hands comfortablly suported -  this graphic by Tony Yau based in Hong Kong

Sample Information Technology Ad from Fuji Xerox Hong Kong sponsors of FIFA 2002 Soccer Championships

Xerox-Fuji office information technology solutions poster used in 2002  in part to promote their sponsorship of the 2002 FIFA WORLD CUP  games KOREA-JAPAN , by Tony Yau, BFA MVA Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Abstract - Web site themes seeks to provide sample of public education information and media supportive technology on the web to promote a range of health issue and services.

This site is "fed" by a non-formal group of volunteers, with backgrounds in Acute Care Nursing and Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Social Work, Adult Education, Graphics and Illustration etc. This non-formal community of overlapping interests is primarily spread around the Pacific Rim, living in places such as Vancouver, Canada; Hong Kong, China; Tokyo, Japan; San Francisco and Honolulu USA, and Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Preamble Context

This web site is a collection of information that many people have contributed to over the last 35 years. including:
- Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Ministry of Community and Social Services, Government of Ontario (circa 1975-75),[s/a pillars/accessibilityOntario/...] as a field placement for the School of Social Work at Waterloo Lutheran University, s/a
- Bill Dick, Phd Director of Student Counselling Services, Needles Hall, University of Waterloo
- Ron Walsh, MA Sc, counsellor-supervisor - Judy Hyashi, International Students Office, University of Waterloo
- Godfrey (Goff) Barrett-Lennard, BSc, BA (further studies -UWA), PhD (Chicago), Hon.Doctorate Univ.Murd Professor, Dept. of Human Relations and Counselling Studies, University of Waterloo
see also
n.b. "February 16, 1976: In a marathon session held in the Theatre of the Arts, UW's senate votes to close the department of human relations and counselling studies." [cited in Daily Bulletin University of Waterloo -- Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Friday's Bulletin | Previous days | UWevents | UWinfo home page Monday, February 17, 1997

- Hubert Camphens, Ph.D.Professor, W.L.U. School of Social Work
s/a development around the world:  practice, theory, research, training By Hubert Campfens ISBN 0-8020-0903-4 (bound)   ISBN 0-8020-7884-2 (pbk)

- Donald Upton, MD Psychiatrist, Student Services, University of Guelph

- Maribeth Leicht, MA PHD, Clinical Psychologist (Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital / Queens University and beyond)

- Susan A. Hyde, PHD, Clinical Psychologist during her time in Vancouver, Nova Scotia, Ontario

- John Evans, Ph.D. University of Papua New Guinea, Library Program and UPNG Bookstore Publications
 · South Pacific Centre for Communication and Information in Development (SPCenCIID) and funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) as part of its Pan Asia Networking (PAN) program. The project - named PAN Information Networking and Services Papua New Guinea(PINS-PNG) - will lead to an information server being established and encourage institutions to publish electronically. Similar PAN country-level information servers have been funded in the Philippines, Vietnam and Nepal by IDRC.

- Guy Robertson, MLS, in 2009 Adjunct Professor, UBC School of Liabrary Archival Information Science, / disaster planning instructor and Langara College Library Technology, 1995-2009 instructor
 · email:


Thank you to the Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Physiotherapists,Surgeons, and not to forget the Sisters (Nuns) at Mount St. Joseph Hospital Emergency Department & Intensive Care Unit.
3080 Prince Edward Street (off Kingsway)
Vancouver, BC V5T 3N4
See also

A special note of thank you to the late Rev. Gilbert Smith, was part of the advisory group to the Office of the Public Trustee's "Quality Of Life Assurance Pilot Project" in the late 1980's and early 1990's in Vancouver and Victoria B. C. long-term care and extended-care psycho geriatric / nursing homes and institutions including the Riverview Psychiatric Complex, and the Juan de Fuca Hospital Long Term Care Residences in Victoria.
 · see historical notes on Rev. Gilbert Smith's church
 · see also


This site is ultimately dedicated to Susan Chan, my mother who studied nursing in context of a midwife training program of studies in 1947-1948 in Hong Kong Hospital School of Nursing.

This site is also dedicated to Karen Nugent, B.Sc. R.N. and friend Joanne Bottomsley, B.Sc. R.N. in Honolulu

This site is also dedicated the Dr. Gordon Kenny, E.R. Physician, Vancouver and Dr. Quentin Reilly and his family in Australia and Manus Island, PNG and Dr. George Moffit and Dr. John Blatherwick.

Credits - Copy Right Etc.

The graphics, illustrations, photos, and cited/quoted text on this site is done with permission of the creative media professionals, volunteers and professionals responsible e.g. for writing articles here-in. Please respect copyright issues.

Thank you to Dr. Hepburn and Dr. Sealy for excerpts and the archive of their from their early web site content which they let me work with on putting up on the web.  See their web site

Special thanks to Ms. Cat Wong, children's illustrator in San Francisco, California for her volunteer contributions of graphics to this site to promote health education. See

Special acknowledgement to Mr. Tony Yau, B.F.A. M.V.A. for contributing his health and lifestyles graphics illustration work with his cartoon character friend ANJOLICO the Wireless Cat

We would like to thank Dr. Norberto Li, see his contact info Dentist in San Francisco and Dr. Bays, Dentist in Victoria for this photos for this web site

Web site coordinator Neal Chan, BA, MSW, Dip. Library Technician, Dec. 2009