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Dentist Norberto Li, DDS working with Assisant Julie  on a patient, of 20 years, from his downtown San Francisco General Dentistry Office Photo of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge  taken by Norberto Li, dentisit with hotair balloon children's illustration of Clara and Clarence Bear characters

Norberto Li, DDS Dentist

"Once you experience our dental practice, you'll never view dentistry the same. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with excellent dental results and the utmost medical integrity. With exceptional listening skills and personalized care, we're highly skilled at treating even the most fearful of patients. We invite you to come meet us and find out why so many recommend our services."

450 Sutter Street,
Room 1424
(at Stockton St)
San Francisco,
CA 94108
Phone: (415) 397-6554


* Gender: All *

* Alternative Languages for Patients:

  • Spanish:  Bienvenido a nuestra oficina.
  • Vietnamese:  Chào mừng bạn đến văn phòng của chúng tôi.
  • Cantonese-Chinese:  歡迎來到我們的辦公室。
  • Mandarin-Chinese:  欢迎来到我们的办公室。

* Age of Patients: Children over 4 years

* School: University of California, San Francisco
* Year Graduated: 1979
* Associations: University of California, San Francisco

Digital Radiography

Local Anesthesia

Conveniences for Patient Comfort
Headphones (Music)

Cosmetic Dentistry
Porcelain Veneers
Tooth Whitening

Treatment Philosophy
Personalized Care

Root Canal Therapy

General Checkup & Cleaning

Oral Cancer Screening
Prophylaxis (cleaning)

Oral Surgery Non-impacted Wisdom Teeth
Simple Extractions

Other Clinical Services Bruxism (grinding)
Lab On-site
Night Guards

San Francisco downttown dentist Norberto Li and multilingual  team of assistants
San Francisco downttown dentist Norberto Li and multilingual  team of assistants

Dental Services Offered by
Norberto Li Dental Office Include:

Non-surgical Gum Treatment
Root Planing

Digital Radiography

Restorative Dentistry
Amalgam (silver) Fillings
Composite (tooth-colored) Fillings
Denture Repair
Dentures (upper And Lower)
Partial Dentures

Technology Also Available
Ultrasonic Cleaning

Note:   more services can be seen to the left

Cartoon Dinosaur says - an apple a day - send my dentist away, fr illustrator Tony Yau HK `1995

Dentist Education & Continuing Education & Dental Para Professionals

Check out following education resources and training centers

  • UCSF University of California San Francisco, School of Dentistry
  • San Francisco Dental Society
  • Dental Technician Training
    based in Los Angeles about us
  • California Dental Hygienists' Association
    The mission of the C.D.H.A is too:
    • Advance the art and science of dental hygiene
    • Increase the public's awareness of the cost effective benefits of prevention
    • Ensure access to quality oral health care
    • Promote the highest standards of dental hygiene education, licensure and practice
    • Promote dental hygiene research
    • Promote the interests of dental hygienists

Photo of Dentist and dental asistant working on patient in chair at Bay Shore Dental Clinic at the Bay Centre in downtown Victoria BC Canada

Dr. Bays, above, is known for cheerfulness and sense of humor also provides dental exams and work in local geriatric long term care nursing homes in Victoria. One of the only dentists that offer this service.

Husband Wife Dental Team in their practice in Sidney  BC Canada

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